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With 28 years of Diversity & Inclusion experience, Alfonzo and his team have helped change the complexion and culture of many companies.  Understanding the business impact of diversity, we specialize in diversity, equity and inclusion program development, high-impact training on cultural awareness, managing biases, acquiring diverse talent and leading diverse teams.

Our proven model for DE&I positive transformation is based on the following 10 Foundational Principles we use to build inclusive cultures:

  • Create a Focus and Strategy at the Senior-Executive Level

  • Assign a Senior Executive to Lead the Effort

  • Create Behavioral/Performance Standards and Accountability for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Establish Aligned DE&I Business Goals

  • Develop Diversity Recruitment Strategies

  • Develop Inclusion Strategies

  • Train All Employees

  • Create Employee Networks

  • Apply for or Compete in Diversity Award Programs

  • Assess/Measure and Report Progress

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